I'm 24 years old, is it harmful using deodorant as my mother died because of breast cancer at age 45? I heard deodorant causes/ leads breast cancer

Not at all. I am so sorry to hear about your mother. That must have been extremely difficult for you. It is still ok to use deodorant. Do make sure that you examine your breasts regularly, and insist that your doctor do the same. Even in the us, doctors are often too perfunctory in their breast examinations. With a family history of early breast cancer, you cannot afford that.
Frequent self breast. There is no clinical evidence that deodorant can cause breast cancer. Your mother died at age 45 of breast cancer and will be critical for you to have a close follow up. You need to be tested for brca-1, brca2 and have initial examination of your breast including imaging and a baseline MRI with contrast. When possible.
It doesn't. I actually traced down that story when it came out as an e-mail. It was made up by a guy who was trying to sell a "natural" deodorant. If you don't use deodorant, you can end up losing your job and they don't tell you the real reason. Don't let a shameless liar ruin your life. <a href="http://www. Pathguy. Com/antipers. Htm" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://www. Pathguy. Co.

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I am 35 years old. My mother's sister died of breast cancer years ago. Am I at risk of getting this disease? My doctorsaid that I have mass in my left breast. Please help.

Need to see your MD. Every breast cancer is not hereditary, not just one aunt only, for suspicion of genetic mutation like braca I & ii. First get a mammogram, if needed sono, after evaluation if needed get a biopsy done, majority of breast lumps are not malignant, do not worry too much, follow the standred of care you will be fine.
Very common problem. I advise you to see a breast surgeon for evaluation of the lump found by your doctor. After examination+/- ultrasound+/-needle biopsy, this dr. Should be able to determine the cause of this lump. Btw-- having an aunt with breast cancer (esp after menopause) does not significantly change your cancer risk. Actually, most breast cancers are environmental, not hereditary.
Increased risk. Having a family history of breast cancer does increase your risk. You should have annual breast exams by your doctor, and start mammograms either at age 40 or 5-10 years younger than when your family member developed breast cancer, whichever comes first.