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Hand & wrist numbness - can joint pain be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Possibly. Hand numbness, more so than wristnumbness, can be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. So can pain in the digits of the hand. Predominately the symptoms are felt in the first three digits of your hand. Electro diagnostic testing may help determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else.
No. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not normally wrist pain, but numbness and tinging in the fingers. You need to see a hand surgeon to have your wrist evaluated.
Unlikely. Carpal tunnel is numbness of the thumb, index, long and usually half of the ring finger. Joint pain is more likely arthritis.

I have severe carpal tunnel with severe base of thumb pain. Was supposed to have surgery 3 yr ago. Now hand numb 50% of time. Will this be permanent?

Possibly. The longer you go with major symptoms, the less likely surgery will resolve the issue. The one guarantee is that surgery will prevent the symptoms from getting worse and that surgery will still likely lead to at least some improvement..
Possibly. You appear to have two separate problems. First is the carpal tunnel syndrome. The longer you allow the nerve to be compressed the greater the potential of axonal injury and less potential for full recovery. With surgery you will see improvement but may not have full recovery. Pain at base of thumb most likely 1st metacarpal carpal joint arthritis. Seek care.