I have antiphospholipid syndrome (aps), with anticardiolipin antibodies igg/gpl extremely high. Others are normal. What problems arise with a high igl?

Antiphospholipid syn. Antiphospholipid syndrome (aps) is a disorder that manifests clinically as recurrent venous or arterial thrombosis and/or fetal loss. Some patients with aps have no evidence of any definable associated disease, while, in other patients, aps occurs in association with sle or another rheumatic or autoimmune disorder. Traditionally, these have been referred to as primary or secondary aps, respectivel.
IgI not an antibody. Igi is not a type of antibody as is iga, igm, igd, IG e. The term igi has been used to represent the intermediate portion of any one of these antibody types. If your question is. What problems come from high IgG anti-cardiolipin then the answer is hypercoagulation. This mean increased ability of your blood to clot.