I broke a tooth yesterday that had a crown on it. Crown looks okay, I'm waiting to see my dentist anything I can do at home to help?

Broken tooth. Can be due to fracture and/or decay. Please see your Dentist ASAP. If you are in pain report that to your Dentist to see if an emergency appointment is warranted. Keep area clean. Eat soft foods, and eat them on the other side. Hope you're better soon.
Broken tooth. If you are in no pain, keep the area clean, eat on the other side. See your dentist as soon as possible to see whether the crown and the tooth can be saved. If you are having pain, try to schedule an emergency appt with your dentist.
Don't wait too long. You should try and get into a dentist asap to avoid the likelihood that the crown will not be salvageable. Depending on how much of the tooth has broken, will determine treatment- you may need a root canal if the nerve is involved and other options if the fracture goes into the root.
Dentist ASAP. See your dentist as soon as you can to have the crown recemnted if possible. For now be careful eating. Avoid hard and chewy foods that can damage your existing tooth structure. Keep the area clean and free of food debris. You may have sensitivity to hot, coldnd sweets, so avoid these. Stick with soft diet of moderate temperature.