Any hypertensive meds that don't cause hair loss? Vasotec, lebatalol, diovan, bystolic (nebivolol) work but cause hair loss. Benicar doesn't reduce dystolic #.

Unusual side effect. I have treated pts for forty years, and i can't remember that complained of hair loss after starting any of these agents. That does not mean it never happens (one lesson i've learned in medicine is never say never). Every drug has a huge list of adverse effects because each one a pt complains of in a study gets listed. Vasotec is an ace, Diovan (valsartan) & Benicar r arb's, same effects. Hair loss unlikely.
HYPERTENSIVE HAIRLOS. Almost every hypertension drug causes hairloss. The worst offenders are Propranolol and timolol, but all the other hypertension drugs have been reported to cause it. Some more; some less. And more so in women.