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Gouty arthritis is caused by high level of uric acid in the blood. What causes rheumatism?

Rheumatoid Arthritis. Is of an unknown cause. There may be a genetic or autoimmune issue, but the actual cause isn't known.
Rheumatic factor. High levels of rheumatic factor, with an increased sedimentation rate, and a possible high ANA will typically cause rheumatism. This is more of a congenital breakdown of the joints.

What's the best way to get rid of gouty arthritis if pain persists after uric acid levels are lowered?

See detals. Are you talking about inflammation or just pain? Pain alone without swelling is probably not gout. See a rheumatologist to get this issue properly diagnosed and treated.
Consider NSAIDS. If uric acid levels or back to normal then you would want to make sure there is no other cause of the pain. Initially NSAID Indomethacin can be used to help the pain. Other nsaids may also work. If this doesnt help- sometimes you will be prescribed steroids. Call and discuss with your pcp.

I still have pain and swelling from gouty arthritis after 45 days. Uric acid levels are back to normal but I still can't walk. What do I do?

Gout. I recommend you see a rheumatologist to get optimal therapy for this.
Continue treatment. Anti inflamatories or cortisone injections may improve your comfort level.
See. Rheumatologist. If you have been on proper meds the symptoms should ease. Consult rheumatologist see if meds are correct or if caused by something else.

I am suffering from gouty arthritis and currently my uric acid level is 7. Will reduce wait can help?

Take alleve. Two pills if there is no contraindication to you. Soak your foot in hot water and epsom salt. (dont burn yourself, check water temp with your hands.).

What's the best diet to follow to lower uric acid levels as I was just diagnosed with acute gouty arthritis?

Uric acid & diet. The best diet to prevent gout is a healthy diet. Reduce beer and alcohol, shellfish and organ meats such as liver. Emphasize protein from dairy products instead of meat. Avoid sugary drinks with fructose and meats high in fat as they increase risk of gout. Instead increase intake of vegetables. If you continue to have symptoms with changes in diet, follow up with your physician.

Very painfully swollen left big toe joint, sensitive to touch. Thought it might be gouty arthritis but uric acid levels are normal. What else could it be?

Looks like gout. Conditions that look like gout include pseudogout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Could also be an infection of the toe (cellulitis is the infection is within the skin, contributing to the swelling and sensitivity to touch).