My period ended jan. 9. It was normal. I had unprotected sex (withdrawal) the day after. Today is the 19th & my breasts are sore. Am I pregnant?

Take the test. If you want to know if you are pregnant, take a test. In today's world you do not need to wonder if you are pregnant or not based on symptoms. Pregnancy tests are available at any pharmacy and in minutes you will have your answer. They can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after conception. The best time to take one is when you miss your period.

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I have tender breast, consipation, and I'm eating more could I be pregnact? But I had my period on may 31- June 4. I had unprotected sex on June 8th

Not likely, but. Not impossible. Wait until your period would be due normally and, if it does not arrive in a few days, do a test - at home or at a clinic/doctors. While there you could get good info on how to protect yourself from both pregnancy and STDs. You can also learn about the early signs of pregnancy, etc. As you become a responsible, sexually active, mature adult, these should all be part of it. Best!

I had unprotected sex but he pulled out. When I started back on the pill I got a normal, quite heavy withdrawal bleed. But I've been having sore breast?

Not uncommon. The breast soreness is not uncommon with BCP start. This should resolve in the next few cycles. The periods also should become more "normal".