Doctor my right testis pains while sitting a lot &while walking. Ultrasound showed microlithasis. Early varicocele found in left testis. Plz help me!

Urologic consult. Testicular microlithiasis is a controversial entity which may increase risk of getting testicular cancer. Microlithiasis alone doesn't cause scrotal pain. Varicoceles may cause pain but yours is left sided and your pain is on the right. Need to make sure there is no referred pain (such as from a kidney stone). Bottom line, a urologist should be involved.

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Sir my right testis pains sometimes right thigh also pains. Ultrasound showed early varicocele in left testis. It pains lot whille sitting &standing lot?

Get Urologist advice. An urologist can help you most. As long as the testis is not swollen or much bigger than the other one, you can take some mild pain medicines like tylenol (acetaminophen) as needed and have your urologist advice you further.

Dr I m 22 have a right testis pain. Ultrasound showed microlithasis and early varicocele on left testis 3mm & on valsalva 3.3mm. Plz clearify im worried?

See answer. Testicular microlithiasis not an uncommon incidental finding on ultrasound. Weak association with development of testicular cancer. No rx recommended: only regular self-exam for testicular mass. Varicoceles present in 15-20% of males. Occasional cause of infertility. Also, no rx needed if no fertility issues. Neither of the above problems is usually associated with pain. If bothersome, see urology.

My right testis pains so doctor said I had prostatitis bacterial I m taking antiobiotic but when I walk continuosly my left testis pains. Plz help me?

Dx: Right orchalgia. Testicle pain (aka orchalgia) not uncommon in a young adult male - yet often a vexing problem. Important to verify there is no underlying testicle problem which can usually be noted on exam by the doctor and by scrotal ultrasound if needed. Bacterial prostatitis DX usually made on basis of abnormal urinalysis. Non-bacterial prostatitis more common cause of orchalgia. See urologist if pain persists.

I've a big varicocele on left testis, I can see/feel that it push the right testis? Is it the reason at to why there is discomfort in right testis?

Here are some. .. I assumed your varicocelectomy was done some 1-3 yrs ago concerning testicular atrophy. As to the profile of right side, I suspect its cause of discomfort may not be related with left varicocele but with? Intermittent torsion, ? hydrocele, ? spermatocele, ? referring pain, etc. A detailed review of history, physicals, etc. Can clarify the myth of your concern. So, ask Urologist timely.

Big varicocele on left testis, since my symptoms on left testis have gotten worse, my right testis also began to get some discomfort/pain? Pls explain

Suggest ultrasound. Approximately 90% of varicoceles are left sided and 10% are bilateral. Treatment is varicocelectomy or nonsurgical intervention with embolism of varicocele. Ultrasound is best method of defining presence of varicoceles. You probably should have if not already ultrasound exam to determine etiology of pain. Ultrasound also defines other etiologies of scrotal pain.

Hello Sir, I am recently enagaged and my marriage is around september mid My question is I've varicocele in my left testis for more than 10 years, also 6 years back there was tortion in my right testis For tortion of testing I was admitted to the h

You will be fine. Varicocele will not be a problem except in few due to increased warmth may alter sperm count, if there is fertility problem then need surgery. If you had proved previous torsion on right side, need surgery on both not only on the involved side, need to be fixed to prevent future torsion and loss of testis. Speak to your doctor.