Ureterscopy & stent placed 3 days ago. I'm having a lot of pain. Is it advisable to go back to work or will I have to wait for the stent to be out?

Stents. Tolerance to having an indwelling ureteral stent is quite variable. In general, if your work does not require continuous lifting straining or vibrational activity it is possible for you to return to work if the pain is manageable.
See answer. Ureteral stents can be quite uncomfortable. Though some people will find that the greater the activity level, the greater the discomfort, many are able to resume normal daily and work-related activities without much problem. I leave it up to the discretion of the patient and usually prescribe otc Ibuprofen and tamsulosin along with a mild pain pill (e.g. Tramadol) to help the stent symptoms.