Can u ingect fat to your breast instead of having breast implants to increse breast size?

Yes but get educated. Yes this sis posse le but you shoud meet with an experienced surgeon to discuss the risks, alternatives, and benefits of the procedure. Please see the following link for a discussion and video of befor and after photos.
Fat injection breast. Yes, you can have fat injection performed, but this will probably not give you the size you're looking for. Most breast augmentation patients are thin, and just don't have enough fat for transfer. In addition, the amount of fat which "takes" is variable, and many patients require a second procedure. For most patients, implants are a more reliable and aesthetic option.
Yes, but.... In general, grafting of fat anywhere in the body has unpredictable results: sometimes it "melts away" in a month or two and sometime it lasts for years. It must establish a blood supply after grafting to survive. Most fat transfer to the breast is now done to correct small irregularities after implants or reconstruction. Very few surgeons in the us are doing complete augmentation with fat alone.
Absolutely. Using stem cell-augmented fat transfer produces the best results. No scars and natural feel. Works better on some types than others in my opinion. Smaller breasts, lack of sever post-lactation ptosis, and a more fibrous nature to the breasts seen to be positive predictors of good results.
Fat Grafting. Yes but it works best if you undergo pretreatment with an external tissue expander device like the brava. This can be cumbersome and difficult. As such the procedure has yet to gain widespread acceptance.
No, but... Fat grafting or injection is becoming an accepted treatment for certain deformities, but it is not yet accepted as an alternative to breast augmentation with implants. One day this may be proven to be both safe and effective, but not yet.
Yes. Fat grafting is commonly done to add volume to the breasts but more than modest amounts are not reliable. Use of a device called brava which is basically a set of suction cups applied to the breasts 24/7 for a few months can help increase the fat graft survival. Implants are the only way to predictably achieve a dramatic difference which many a cup women are looking for.