I'm planning of getting pregnant, I take folic acid for six months but I have failed to concieved instead I got an irrigular periods?

Get check up. Folic acid does not help you become pregnant, it is given to prevent birth defect in baby like spins bifida if you are concerned that your periods are irregular and you are not getting pregnant, get yourself checked by your gynecologist and if everything is ok with you. Get your partner checked including sperm count etc.

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Suffered anencephaly. Planning to conceive in 3 months. Is folic acid 5 mg once a day is fine or twice a day? Any tests to take before getting pregnant

Yes that is fine. 4 to 5 mg of folic acid likely reduces your recurrence risk to that of the general population risk. You must take it daily, as folic acid is eliminated from the system in a day, being a water soluble vitamin. The dose of folic acid in a prenatal vitamin is 0.6 mg. Just be sure you're taking it every day when you possibly might become pregnant..

Does taking baby aspirin lengthen period? Started baby aspirin and folic acid while menstrating in hopes of getting pregnant. Brown spotting occurring

Aspirin. Aspirin should not alter the menstrual cycle. Aspirin is sometimes used for certain fertility problems like antiphospholipid antibody syndrome but that should only be after proper testing and under your doctors guidance.