What is the daily sodium intake?

2500mg/ day. Well, sodium intake is in the news quite a bit lately and the current consensus is somewhere around 2500mg/day...But I can tell you that many of us far exceed that limit too often...Canned food is a huge problem...I.E a tiny 11.5oz can of campbell bean/bacon soup contains 860mg of sodium. Thus 4 of these babies already exceeds that limit. Eat well, stay healthy... Good luck.

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What's the daily recommendation for sodium intake in a healthy person?

1500 mg a day. This is for a "low sodium diet". I have a comprehensive article on this here: http://www. Kidneydoctorbradenton. Org/2013/04/diet-for-patients-with-kidney-disease. Html.
Sodium in diet. Sodium is present in all foods naturally, we add more to add taste to our food. The naturally occurring sodium is enough for all of us if we eat right. But even if you add salt to ur diet yousshould avoid eating more than one teaspoon in a day.

What risks are associated with high daily sodium intake over time?

High sodium intake. Patients who ingest a high sodium (na) diet run the risk of developing hypertension due to the retention of water caused by a high na intake. You are 36 years old and may not have high blood pressure (hbp). See your diet to get a diet that is not na rich and you may be able to delay your entry into a hypertensive state. If you need flavoring for your diet, try onion or garlic powder or pepper.