I've been tested (blood test) for STD and I had negative result for herpes. Does that mean I don't have either hsv1 or 2?

Probably, yes. The HSV blood tests are highly accurate, but they take up to 3-4 months to become positive. So your negative result means you aren't infected, except for a slight chance if you were exposed recently. But if you haven't been at risk for STD and no obvious contact with someone with oral herpes, you can be very sure you don't have either virus.
Herpes blood test. Having a negative test for herpes should be clarified. There are different tests for hsv i and hsv ii. Having a "negative test " may mean you haven't developed antibodies yet (too early to measure your exposure), or they tested for one or the other, or both. You should ask the doctor which test you had, and if you should be retested for specific type in 6 weeks or so.

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Serology. The antibody testing for herpes virus cannot reliably distinguish between types 1 and 2 since there is much cross-over in the reactions. The only way to clearly differentiate is to isolate the virus and have it tested for type. Read more...
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