What is a female orgasm?

Delightful sensation. As a man, I am really not the best person to answer this question, and i can direct you to a link that may be of some assistance to you in getting a better understanding of the nature of a female orgasm, described as a sensation better than diving into a cool pool on a sweltering day. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-relationships/anatomy-of-an-orgasm.

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I need to know what is the point of a female orgasm? Does it help when trying to conceive?

Pleasure, maybe... What's the point in female orgasm? This is not a medical question. It has zero to do with conception: sadly, female enjoyment has nothing at all to do with chance of getting pregnant. It has a greta deal to do with other important aspects of human relationships tho, no? Read more...

The best female creams to heightened the female orgasm?

None. Well, none by brand or dietary supplement. But lubrication is always helpful to allow you to enjoy sexual relations as opposed to enduring "dry" painful sex which is less likely to lead to orgasm. Rather than focus on creams, pills, etc (i know, you didn't ask about pills), figure out what you like. Every woman is different. Some like a lot of clitoral contact while others don't. Some orgasm from. Read more...