I have a red vulva. Not itchy, but is quite red/swollen. No other symptoms. I did have a yeast infection a while back that I treated?

Many possibilities. Lumps, bumps, blisters and other skin abnormalities on the genitals need to be evaluated. An examination will be needed to know the cause and treatment. Yeat is certainly one of the many possibilities. You could try an over the counter yeast cream while waiting on a doctor visit.

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Red and swollen vulva, not a yeast infection as I took the medication and it did not make a difference. Not an sti as I am a virgin. What is this?

Resistant yeast. A chemical or allergic reaction could do this, e.g to detergent, soap, etc. Or maybe still yeast; a small percentage of yeasts causing vaginal infections are resistant to the "azole" drugs usually used for treatment (miconazole, clotrimazole, fluconazole, and many others). See your doctor to reconfirm the diagnosis. Alternative types of yeast treatment are available. Good luck!

Used a new kind of condom with lubricant already on it and I now am red and itchy and swollen. A yeast infection or reaction. Have never used lube.

Prob yeast. Could be either although yeast more likely. Try takin over the counter yeast meds and avoid that particular condom~.
Allergic Reaction. It sounds like allergic reaction. Try Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and avoid that lube.
Yeast vs Allergy. It sounds like that lubricant did not agree with you. You should see a doctor, PCP or urgent care, for complete evaluation and treatment. In the meantime, avoid sex and any lubricants or condoms.