Can I drink tea get rid of a hangover?

No. A hangover is the result of alcohol withdrawal. The only way to avoid a hangover is not to drink in the first place.
Sure. Give it a try. By now you're probably better; stay hydrated - non-alcoholic please!

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Can I drink tea to get rid of a hangover?

Probably no help.. You can drink it, but will it help?...Maybe, mabe not. If it contains caffeine, it may help the symptom a bit but won't get rid of it. Only fluids and time..A new med called blowfish, to be available otc by independence day this year which may help. It contains Aspirin and caffeine..Maybe something else... Best treatment is not to get a hangover! stay sober, don't drink and drive.. Good luck. Read more...
Sure you CAN. But whether it will do any good is another story. Regular black or green caffeine-containing teas are not going to do much for it. There are herbal teas that are touted for hangovers, but there is no medical evidence that they work (chamomille, valerian). A recent chinese study said that sprite helps, havent heard back from patients about this. Best thing is drinking less to not get hangover. Read more...