How do I get rid of a hangover?

No cure..u need time. Well, no official cure, yet. The fda approved the med combo of Aspirin and caffeine called blowfish which is planned to be available otc around independence day to help combat symptoms of hangover..It is a treatment..Not a cure. It may reduce symptoms..But your body needs fluids, and time to heal! best treatment is not to get one! good luck.
By not drinking. If you need help to stop drinking, consider attending alcoholics anonymous.

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At school right now. How do you cure alcoholism and how do I get rid of this awful hangover?

AA. If you are having troubles with excessive alcohol use, you need to be willing to stop drinking. There are a number of ways to do it. You may need both psychological support (any addiction treatment service - the best known is aa, however, there are tons of local ones). You may decide to go through detoxification at one of the detox centers to prevent dts, delirium trements, but still go to above. Read more...
Addictive Disease. Dr. Nora volkow, head of the natl. Institute for drug abuse describes an addiction as a: brain disease, which causes a person to engage in a behaviors which may lead to dire consequences, the person knows that, but continues the behaviors. It is possible to be addicted to food, gambling, sex, drug or alcohol. Chronic alcohol abuse can adversely affect every organ in the body except kidneys. Read more...