Derm? Fake nails redone after a mo. Noted pinkie has green brown spot abt 1/4 CM long vertical ctr nail top, just below where nail extends off finger. Caucasian. 1 sev. Dys. Nevi. Scared melanoma!

Distal nail streak. It is not likely that a spot starting in the distal portion of the nail bed represents a melanoma. More likely this represents a bacterial infection with pseudomonas. You should see your dermatologist and get a bacterial and a fungal culture done. The fungal culture will also tell if you have yeast. Treatment can be prescribed after a diagnosis is established.
See a dermatologist. Any time you are concerned about melanoma because of a suspicious skin lesion it should be examined by a dermatologist, who will do whatever diagnostic procedures seem relevant based upon this exam. Good luck - probably benign.