I have headaches in the morning, toothaches, neck pain, and occasional numbness in right arm. I also have a history of sleep apnea, bruxism, and disk bulges under tx. Which doctor should I see?

Dentist. However, it must be a dentist with advanced training in TMJ treatment. The symptoms you list all point to this area of dentistry. It can be complicated as it involves a "bite imbalance" that a dentist with advanced training can diagnose and inform you of your options. A physician can help diagnose other issues involving the arm numbness.
Multiple problems. With your medical problems-see your md. This may be a major problem. The toothache and bruxism is secondary to the medical problems. Once those are checked, then check with dentist for checkup. Be sure they know your history, meds, inr. Headaches may be from bruxing/tmj but may be systemic. Check with primary care for referrals. After that you may need a dentist who takes care of medically complex.
Many symptoms. Some of your symptoms possibly point to a pinched nerve, some point to a tmj/tmd issue, sleep apnea, etc. I would see an internal medicine dr. As a start and then hopefully they can point you in the right direction.
Headaches apnea TMJ. Your sleep apnea and morning headaches, toothaches and neck pain can be related. See a dentist trained in neuromuscular treatment to have an evaluation .