What can cause neck pain and numbness in hands while sleeping. While working I have twisting of fingers and restless legs while resting.

Neck problems. It is very possible that the root if your numbness, tingling and lack of strength of upper extremities and hands is on the neck. High and hard pillows may exacerbate it while in bed. Make a consult to a chiropractor or medical doctor regarding your neck contracture and pain. Use a soft pillow or none at all. Relax your neck when you work at the office, using a tall seat whenever possible.

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I had Ant. Cerv. Discectomy in 2012. Pain and grinding sound in neck, fingers turn blue, numbness in hands and leg, pain in back going to left leg.?

So sorry. I feel so bad that this has happened to you. The best approach would be to find a neurosurgeon and get your self reevaluated with a good examination and MRI. Then hopefully you can have the correct surgery. I so wish you good luck.
Something else. Symptoms in legs have nothing to do with your neck. The grinding is consistant most likely with bony scar tissue from the surgery, which is not a reason for repeat surgery. You need nerve studies to see if you have an underlying nerve disease (neuropathy). I would see a neurologist.

I have clubbing fingers, numbness, restless legs, hemoptysis, weakness, bone pain, wrinkled fingertips. What disease can cause these symptoms?

Likely lung disease. With the symptoms especially and clubbed fingers, I am guessing possible pulmonary ie lung disease. Please seek a physician for comprehensive check up.

I have neck pain sometimes back pain and I have numbness in both hands specially when I am sleeping and tingling too and sometimes numbness in both to?

Neck pain/ numbness. Likely cervical disc disease with nerve compression. Can consider different pillow, some times the buckwheat pillow helps as it molds easily to the shape. Consider c-spine films, MRI to assess degree of disease and, muscle relaxants, NSAIDS if not allergic, PT including traction for the neck pain. May also be carpal tunnel use splints, ergonomics at work, follow up with doctor/ urgent care.

Can cervical neck pain and lower back pain symptoms along with numbness in ring and pinky finger on left hand, be an underlying symtom of something?

Yes - spinal cord c. Could be a c6-7 disc bulge but it could also be from multiple causes. It also could be nerve involvement at other sites. See your doctor.
Cubital tunnel. Entrapment of the ulnar nerve at the elbow (funny bone) is common. Usually aggravated with bending of elbow: while sleeping, working at desk, driving a car, all of which we tend to flex the elbow and create increased tension on the ulnar nerve. Try sleeping with straight arms, avoid postures that flex the arms during the day. You're awfully young for neck probs, but possible.