Can I use mebo scar cream on hypertrophic scar on my nose that is few years old from cystic pimple? I read a lot about it, seems promising. Thank you.

Not impressed. To the best of my knowledge, none of the ingredients have truly been evaluated in a study which definitively proves their benefits. Having said that, it seems like a reasonable moisturizing agent and the effects of massaging the scar during the application may itself improve the scar.

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Can 5-fu be used on hypertrophic scar on nose? It is an old scar from cystic pimple. Is there non-steroid alternative to 5-fu? Thanks.

Improve not remove. Many options exist for cosmetic improvement and include anti-inflammatories, peels, exfoliation, lasers, resurfacing, bleaching, excision, grafting, fillers, and much more, scars vary in their severity and so do the treatments. See a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or ENT for options. Read more...