What is a weight loss surgery like?

Weight loss surgery. Well, the best thing to do is to ask patients who have undergone weight loss surgery. That gives you some realistic expectations. You can also attend a weight loss surgery seminar put on by a bariatric surgeon in your area. Just make sure you find a center that has a good reputation and has done thousands of weight loss operations. I can't really answer your question in this short space.

Related Questions

When can you get a weight loss surgery?

Surgery. The simple answer is "When you can afford it". What is your weight and height and also your Body Mass Index? (BMI can be found on the web.) I would strongly recommend that before you have surgery you see a dietitian and also a trainer. You won't lose weight as quickly as you would with surgery but I would encourage you to see those two folks and get their opinion about surgery or not.

What can you do to not shrink down to nothing after having a weight loss surgery?

Normal size. The weight loss surgery is designed to assist patients to lose weight loss who have been unable to decrease their weight any other way. After the surgery the patient's will continue to eat, but just in smaller portions. The amount of calories that they take in will be enough for normal life, but the body will be able to mobilize the excess fat stores, hence losing weight.
Excessive wt loss. That usually doesn't happen. Most people just worry about losing enough weight. The only patients I have seen that have 100% of their excess weight are those that became obsessed with working out (an marathon runners). If you have surgery (assuming it was done correctly by an experienced surgeon), and eat a normal amount of food, you will not shrink down to nothing.

61 year old female on Morphine 60 mg for chronic pain I am having a weight loss surgery to loose weight to help my pain. How can I titrate off Morphine?

Pain specialist. You may need a pain specialist to help you. Besides using methadone, there are other non-narcotic agents that may help including gabapentin, clonidine, etc. A specialist should help you get weaned off.

What if you have had colorectail surgery and incesion hernia repair with mash can I get weight loss surgery like the sleeve or lap band?

Very possible. Depending on your individual situation, this should be possible and I hope you get it if you can. The weight loss will make a huge difference in your quality of life and wellness!
Prior surgery. Yes, you can still have surgery. It will be a little more difficult for the surgeon but it can still be done.
Yes. A history of prior surgery such as you describe should not preclude weight loss surgery as long as you qualify for it. The procedure should still be able to be completed laparoscopically.

I would like advice on weight loss surgery?

Join WLP. You should first join a weight loss program near you. It will give you available options for weight loss that is ideal for your particular situation. Every patient is different. You will require to have psychological evaluation, nutritional evaluation, exercise program and medical evaluation before being a candidate for surgery. The whole program may take 6-12 months.

How safe is weight loss surgery?

Depends. Everything a physician does is potentially risky and decisions are determined by risk vs benefit. Your doctor must answer if your weight/related medical issues are riskier than surgery? Furthermore are you behaviorally prepared to to make such a dramatic lifestyle change? You can completely negate the potential benefit if you do not work on behavior modification.
Wanna live? If you qualify for weight lose surgery then you should seriously consider it. In the right surgical hands you will do well. Behavior modification is important but can be worked at after surgery because only then do you realize what you need to do to be succesful.
Pretty safe. Short term risks depend on the condition of the patient and the surgeons volume. Generally an experienced surgeon with healthy patients has a 2.7% risk.
Weight loss surgery. Yes it is safe if done by an experienced surgeon. It does require a big lifestyle change. No more junk food, sodas, you should eat much fewer carbs, and exercise regularly. It takes work, but the payoff is huge. Risk of death is 1/1000 for gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Is weight loss surgery effective?

Yes if you work it. I have seen people do very well after weight loss surgery. It takes few months after surgery for results to show it is not dramatic the weight loss. But keep tonifying the body and with weight loss make sure you manage nutritional needs simultaneously.
Absolutely. Surgical weight loss is the single most successful means of losing weight long term compared to any conventional method such as diet and exercise. It is also the most effective way to resolve underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Surgical weight loss does require work and needs to be performed in conjunction with a comprehensive after care program.
Effective. Weight loss surgery is a tool. It is a tool for the patient to use and learn to use. It is effective when used properly.

How useful is weight-loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery can be tremendously successful. Not only does it result in successful long term weight loss, over 80% of patients with type 2 diabetes will be cured after a gastric bypass. Surgery is the only proven method of long term weight loss. By that I mean published medical trials have proven that diets fail and surgery works.