In what way can I get rid of a persistant acne prob. I even get big red pimples on my face. How do I get rid of them?

Acne. Don't wash your face with body soap. Also don't use alcohol or comedogenic products on your face. Try to find an acne wash system like neutrogena, pangea organics, or something with benzoyl peroxide. Following low sodium diet might help too, since acne-causing bacteria like salt. You can try to prevent spreading bacteria onto your face by not touching your face, washing your phone, etc.
Serious Rx. If topical benzoyl peroxide 5% 2x/day hasn't cleared you in two weeks, this is worth taking to your personal physician. I see that you are an adult and I am guessing this is new. If you have other symptoms / signs, your acne may be a warning of underlying illness. Try to stay physically fit as well. Best wishes.

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