How can I tell if finger is broken?

Unless you have. A clear cut deformity - medical history, examination and x-ray are usually required to make an accurate diagnosis.

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How can I tell my finger is broken please?

Move it. If you can move it or it's not deformed, it's likely not broken. If you can but with pain, then it may be broken. The only way to know for sure is by x-ray.
X-rays. If you recently sustained trauma to your finger and there is any cause for concern that it might be broken, have a hand surgeon examine the finger and obtain plain film radiographs. Most broken fingers are swollen, painful to move and will have x-ray findings of a fracture. Frac.

How can I tell if my finger is broken?

Xray. See your physician. An xray is the most effective way to diagnose a broken bone.
Pain and swelling. The location and character of the fracture makes a big difference on how hand fractures present and are treated. Traditionally fractures present with pain and swelling, but symptoms can also include stiffness and clinical deformity of the finger.

How can I tell if my finger is broken?

Obtain an X-ray. If you had a recent injury and are concerned that you have a broken finger, you should see a physician and obtain x-rays of the finger.

How can I tell if my finger is broken or just badly sprained?

Finger. Following injury, if swelling, pain or discomfort, with limited range of motion, need an x-ray.

How can I tell if my fingers broken without going to the hospital?

Usually can't. Unless it's has obvious deformity or is angled to the side, you really can't tell. X-rays, combined with physical examination & a medical history - are used to accurately diagnose the injury. Take car.

How can I tell if my fingers broken and I need to see a doctor?

You really don't. Know in the absence of marked angulation or deformity. If you have a significant injury - a physician will evaluate and x-ray would normally be used.