How dangerous is a surgery radical masectomy?

Mostly morbidity. Radical mastectomy removes the whole breast, with (radical) or without (modified radical) the underlying pectoral muscles, and content of the axilla where the lymph nodes lay. While it is not "dangerous" related to risk of dying, it has significant morbidity (complications), such as arm swelling, disfigurement, and nerve damage. You should discuss your options with your surgeon.

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43, single masect & chemo (completed) my surgery discovered Lymph/muscle positive IDC- Dr wants to do Radical Masectomy aren't these rare? I'm scared!

Not rare. There are many choices for treatment of breast cancer. It all depends on many things like age, type of cancer and general health. In your case I would suggest that you obtain a second opinion from an oncologist who deals with breast cancers. The expert opinion will ease you fears. Remember that a famous movie star Angelia recently had a radical mastectomy. If necessary it can be life saving.
They are rare. More recently, mainly because invasion of muscle is a rare occurrence because of earlier stage at which breast cancers are diagnosed. If you are unsure about your surgeon's recommendation, you should get a second opinion.

Radical mastectomy is a type of surgery for breast cancer that involves removing all of the breast tissue, is this true?

Yes. A radical mastectomy is an older operation that is not performed anymore. It involved removing the entire breast, the pectoralis major muscle and all of the lymph nodes underneath the arm. A modified radical mastectomy might be what you are asking about. This operation removes the entire breast along with all of the lymph nodes underneath the arm.

I'm having acute pain from my radical mastectomy surgery wednesday. Normal? I have high risk breast cancer

Pain after surgery. You r expected to have some pain, often worse 2-3 days following the procedure because of inflammation of the traumatized tissues. If if the pain is too severe, you should contact your surgeon for instruction...Possible increase of pain meds or re-eval for possible infection etc...I wish you well on your course to recovery! Good luck..
Not normal. Acute pain, post-surgery is not normal. Contact your doctor. "high risk" breast cancer is no reason for acute pain.
Call your surgeon. It is normal to have some level of pain for the next few weeks after your sugery. I recommend you contact your surgeon and be evaluated.