How do you keep waiting parents from panicking when their kids are inside in lockdown?

PARENTS/KIDS/LOCKED . It is a natural responce of any parent to see their child in lock up and it is very difficult to adjust to it while most parents will understand why this happened, others will blame the system and others and not take any responsibility for the action of their children and that is a shame panicking is normal in all parents and you can not do anything except to prevent future occorences like that.
Close all Juves . I just heard kit cumming at our state convention at ale as key note and stats were scary about how many kids are in juvy and jail and how many minority kids are in jail and what they are in jail for and what a great bus it is it is a shame that with a free country our more kids are in jails than in college and parents are asking for treatment for panic attack we need political solution not medica.