What is visual snow?

TV like static. This is a transitory or persistent visual symptom that resembles snow or TV like static. Exact cause is unknown.

Related Questions

What causes visual snow? And is it a sign of any diseases?

Vitreous changes. Sounds like you might have: floaters. Floaters are common and usually due to a change in the protein composition of the vitreous (inside gel of the eye). Check with your eyemd that they are "just" floaters and not inflammation in the eye as new floaters can be a concern. Read more...

Please advise what is the difference between visual snow and floaters?

Visual snow;floaters. Visual snow is described as a diffuse effect that is not localized and isn't noted to move with the eye. Visual snow is likely to be seen in the early stage of a retinal or macular disease and is far less common than floaters that occur quite normally as the vitreous ages and becomes liquefied. Either symptom deserves the attention of a retinal specialist. Read more...