Please advise what is the deal with "restless leg syndrome"?

Restless LegSyndrome. This syndrome is characterized by uncomfortable feelings (tingling, itching, crawling, pulling, or aching) in the legs right before falling asleep. These feelings are relieved by moving the legs but return when movement stops. This interferes with falling asleep and can cause severe insomnia. See a sleep specialist for diagnosis and treatment.
It is unclear what. You want to know. Please ask a more specific question and i'm sure someone will be better able to assist you.

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Please explain what exercises can a person with restless leg syndrome do to control it?

Try these. this is a reasonable website with a variety of exercises that may help. Read more...
See below. Treatment of restless legs syndrome (rls) focuses on medications and treating the underlying medical issue, if present. But, if you can, gentle stretching exercises involving the feet and calves may help. Please see your sleep medicine specialist to help manage it. Read more...