Please answer! What vitamins / herbs / holistic approach would help with nerve degeneration / numbness?

B vits, ALA and ect. This answer could vary depending on what's causing the nerve degeneration but b vitamins are great for nerve health, especially vit. B 12. Alpha lipoic acid may help neuropathy and numbness. It is always best to consult with your doctor before you consider taking supplements.
B6. Vitamin b6 and coenzyme q10 100mg per day are the best. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome you should see a hand surgeon for a definitive diagnosis and alternative treatments.Ca.

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Any recommended vitamins / herbs / holistic approach that can help with nerve degeneration / numbness?

Vitamins . Vitamin b 6 i believe is the most well- known holistic remedy out there in the "vitamin" group. Supplements like acetyl-l-carnithine have been shown to reduce peripheral neuropathy pain and speed up healing of peripheral nerves. Other chinese herbs have also been implicated as beneficial. Read more...