I wake up and my hand is really painful and crampy. Is this arthritis or carpel tunnel or something?

Many possibilities. Difficult to tell without a thorough history and physical exam. Have it evaluated by your orthopedist and get their expert advice.

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I'm a medical asst- bps and computer work. My right hand is super crampy and painful, some wrist pain. Carpal tunnel? Ortho or pcp? Thanks :)

Likely CTS. Best to see hand md for latest new rx, but could try ergonomics at work and splint at night.
? Carpal Tunnel. R handed? Worse during sleep? Any tingling or numbness? Start w. A carpal tunnel splint (the one w. The metal), nsaids, wrist/fingers stretching ; if no improvement talk to your dr. Due to your medical hx.

Carpal tunnel type of symptoms stopped with less typing. Then deadline, and cramping in middle of hand and ache up deltoid to shoulder. Related?

Very likely yes. Carpal tunnel syndrome typically causes burning pain, tingling and numbness in the distribution of the median nerve which provides sensation to the palm side of the thumb, index, middle fingers, as well as the inside half of the ring finger. The pain can radiate up the center of the forearm, sometimes as far as the shoulder.
Look at posture. When one experiences pain in body part, compensatory activities may place stress on associated joints, muscles, and nerves. Of course it is possible you could have an entirely different problem known as a "double crush" syndrome in which a shoulder or neck problem is also to blame.

I have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and every morning when I wake up and stretch my wrists and hands basically crackle. Is this from the CTS?

Hard to say? Think of it this way, whatever it is that is causing the 'crackle' may be the same thing causing the carpal tunnel. If clinically relevant, I do screen CTS patients for gout and rheumatoid arthritis but again, only if they tell me something in the history that makes me believe this is a possibility or likewise I see something on exam to suggest these.

Why is numbness in reguards to carpal tunnel painful? That makes no sense to me. I wake up in pain but can't feel my hand. How is this possible?

Nerve Hypoxia. It is actually because the nerve is being starved for oxygen. So two things happen, the nerve does not conduct signals properly from the nerve endings -- the numbness, and then metabolites build up that result in pain fibers being triggered. This pain is similar to what you experience when you feel the burning in muscles from prolonged exercise.
Nerves. Carpal tunnel is a pinched nerve in the wrist. Nerves the nerve is pinched it can activate the pain fibers in the nerve to fire giving the felling of pain.
Nerves transmit. Signals for sensation, pain, temperature, vibration and proprioception as well as signals that control muscles. So anything, such as carpal tunnel, that affects a nerve can affect any of these signals. So pain and tingling can occur together. Total numbness can be replaced by uncontroled pain and a host of other things. Think about "phantom pain" after an amputation and it may make sense.

I have constant pain in my left wrist (and lately the right too). When I wake up most of my hand is numb or tingly. It takes 10 minutes to an hour for the feeling to come back. Could this be carpal tunnel? Should I see a doctor?

Carpal tunnel. It does sound like carpal tunnel syndrome. Just check exactly which fingers go numb, (usually index, middle and ring finger). You should then see the doctor for help, who's may uses wrist braces, or refer for an op to release the carpal tunnel.
Carpal tunnel. Syndrome likely. See neurilogist and wear wrist splint in the interim.
You should. See your physician as this could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Your physician can perform physical exam and order tests if needed.
Neuro eval. You more than likely have a compression neuropathy potentially carpal tunnel syndrome. Please see a neurologist for further evaluation; an EMG or ultrasound may be in order.