What are the effects of positive CMV for person who had kidney transplant three month ago?

At higher risk of... CMV (cytomegalovirus) infection/disease usually follows the period of maximal immnosuppression to prevent graft rejection. CMV disease manifestations include fever, low white cell count, mono-like illness, and pneumonitis.
It may be important. CMV is an opportunistic infection and may cause serious problems such as CMV lung infection, CMV colitis (infection affecting large intestine) as well as other organs including brain, eye, liver etc. In transplant recipients. CMV viral load needs to be checked by qpcr. If it is high, patient needs to be treated. Discuss this with your transplant physician.

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What are the effects of CMV for a person with kidney transplant?

Affects many organs. Cytomegalovirus is very common, and over half the adult population has had the infection. However, transplant patients that take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection are very susceptible to reactivation of latent (hibernating) virus, or getting a primary infection from the donor who may have been exposed. The virus can invade the bone marrow, liver, lungs, intestines, eyes, etc. Read more...