How do I get rid of dark skin in between my thigh?

Reduce sweat/inflame. This is a secondary response to moisture, abrasion and subsequent inflammation. Keeping the contact and moisture to a minimum (reducing intertrigo erythema) will help reduce the inflammation and thickened skin. Skin tags are very common if this persists.
Slender and Bleach. I recommend staying slender so the thighs do not rub together when a person walks and also using a product to lessen the pigmentation such as m2 skin recovery moisturizer and essential serum. If your thighs do rub together, liposuction is also an option.

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I m 20 yr old gal I hav fair complexion but I hav dark inner thighs n white spots on them. How do I get rid of dark skin n da spots?

?type of fungus. You may have a common type of skin condition in the inner thigh which may be treatable. Get an evaluation and check for possible tineal (fungal) infections etc. and then once diagnosed, the proper treatment would be available. Best wishes. Read more...

How to get rid of dark skin and itching around the leg?

A couple of ideas. The lower legs, around the ankle, are susceptible to skin problems because the skin is so thin and has a less than optimal blood supply. It gets drier and more easily irritated, and the veins may leak fluid and blood cells, causing a darker color--stasis dermatitis. But this would be uncommon at age 23. First you need to moisturize generously and then see a Dermatologist for a precise diagnosis. Read more...