How complicated is the bladder sling operation?

Sling procedure. In general urethral sling operations used in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence are associated with very minimal complications and have a very high success rate and most people are satisfied with the procedure. However as with all surgeries complications can occur and should be discussed treating physician for proceeding with surgery.
Not very. In the hands of an experienced vaginal surgeon, the complication rate is very minimal. For a mesh sling only, there is minimal pain and no real restrictions other than nothing in your vagina for 6 weeks. Driving and work can usually resume whenever you feel like it. This may vary from patient to patient but, having done thousands of mesh slings, it's rare to have pain or extended recover.
Not complicated. Midurethral slings (synthetic or biologic) are the current standard for surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence. The synthetic slings have a 15+ year track record of highly effective and safe treatment with complication rates of less than 5-8% overall.