Can you tell me more about getting acute myeloid leukemia due to using certain chemicals such as benzene?

See below. There have been cases where prolonged exposure to various chemicals increase the chance of leukemia and other varieties of cancers. The charnoble disaster in russia caused a significant increase in leukemias, lymphoma and other varieties of cancers in the population in chernoble and surrounding communities.

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Are certain groups more susceptible to acute myeloid leukemia? Do some groups experience this disease differently than others?

Yes. Down syndrome and various bone marrow failur syndromes can increase the risk for aml. Also chronic leukemia and melody spastic syndrome can increase the risk of acute myelogenous leukemia. AML is typically experienced the same by those who get this disease.

How do patients with severe acute myeloid leukemia get their needed nutrition?

Oral or IV. The treatment for AML is difficult. If patients are too sick to eat, they will be fed temporarily by intravenous feeding, called "tpn." maintaining nutrition during the treatment is important.
Adequate calories. This can be accomplished in several ways. Oral feedings. The patient eats and the calories are counted to ensure they are adequate. Ng tube feedings - a tubes is placed through the nose, not the stomach (or beyond) and feedings are given that ensure good calories. Finally, tpn. This is a complete nutritional IV fluids. This also ensures the calories are adequate.

Can I still get pregnant after having acute myeloid leukemia?

Depends on several. Factors and not predictable. Many chemo programs will stop ovarian/testicular function and end the ability to be fertile, but do not assume so. Get evaluation from a fertility specialist.

Acute myeloid leukemia m2 relapse, what to do?

See below... Relapses of various types of leukemia including AML are still treatable. Consultation with an oncologist to discuss treatment options including chemotherapy and possibly bone marrow or stem cell transplantation is of paramount importance in managing the disease.

Is there anything I can do about acute myeloid leukemia m2 relapse?

See below... The treatment of leukemia, like any other cancer, should be managed by an oncologist. Many times the relapse is still responsive to chemotherapy and a second remission may be achieved. Subsequent options should be discussed with the oncologist and may include a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

How is acute myeloid leukemia different from chronic lymphoma leukemia?

Completely different. Aml- cancer of pregenitor cells in the bone marrow- called myeloid- is a very agressive and life threatening disease. It needs to be treated right away-usually with combination of chemo +/- bone marrow transplant. While, cll is an indolent- slowly progressing cancer of lymphocytes. Does not need to be treated unless it is indicated. Sometimes, one can have cll for years & dies from other cause.
Different cell type. Leukemias typically originate when one of the white blood cell types starts multiplying out of control and preventing the normal cells from doing their job. There are many types of white blood cells and the subtype of leukemia or lymphoma or myeloma depends on which subtype is out of control.

What would the life expectancy of a person with acute myeloid leukemia be?

Too many. Factors to make a specific comment. Without treatment survival is weeks to a few months. Many AML patients can be cured.