Can you tell me everything about orthodontic braces?

Orthodontics. Orthodontics is a science of using subtle forces to move teeth to create a beatiful and healthy smile and bite. These forces can rotate crooked teeth and adjust your bite to correct your underbite. Absolutely can be addressed-- we do this every day!
No. There is not enough space to discuss everything about orthodontic braces. You can look online to the american association of orthodontists web site where there are pages of information about orthodontic braces. You can also schedule a consultation with an orthodontic specialist to get specific information that you are seeking.
Sure. But not in 400 characters. Know that orthodontics is the oldest recognized specialty in dentistry. To become an orthodontic specialist requires a 2-5 year supervised residency program after first attaining a dental degree. It also means limiting practice to orthodontics exclusively. Average time in braces 18 months. 30+% of orthodontic patients are adults. 1st orthodontic examination age 7.