Please explain if it is wrong to have anal intercourse?

I will bypass. Discussion of whether or not anal intercourse is wrong. Within different cultures ; societies it is perceived differently. But will review some health risks. Anal receptive sex carries a number of risks. Trauma can lead to rectal prolapse, anal fissures, tearing of deeper tissues ; worsening of hemorrhoids. Anodyspareunia (pain) can be problematic. Unprotected anal receptive sex has significant.
Sex and Morality. Sex, including anal sex, is part of the human experience. Medicine has no comment when it comes to the morality of any sexual behavior. Many people, both men and women, straight and gay and all shades in between participate in anal sexual activity. There is, when done correctly, no health concerns to this activity. I often recommend that my patients have a good guide book to sex to learn norms.