Please explain why is atropine contraindicated in pediatrics?

It's not. It's not contraindicated. We use it for emergency cases quite often.
Atropine. I would say we have better medications to use that are safer.
Misinformation. Atropine is not contraindicated for administration in certain situations. However, we generally avoid atropine-containing medicines, such as anti-spasmodic medicines, because children are sensitive to the potential side effects of these meds.
Dangerous. Because infants and adults metabolize substances differently. Small amounts of Atropine can be fatal for infants.
Not contrindicated. Atropin is not contraindicated as it is used for bradycardia associated with increased vagal tone like the one produced by intubation or AV Block may be treated with atropine in emergency situation The dose of atropine for pediartic resuscitation is 0.02 mgm/kgm to be administerd rapidly and may be repeated after 5 minutes.