What is trigger finger surgery?

Trigger surgery. Trigger release surgery is release of the first part of the flexor tendon sheath and pulleys in palm.
Flexor pulley releas. The surgery involves division of the a1 pulley where the flexor tendons are binding or catching causing the triggering effect. The a1 pulley is at the base of the effected finger at the level of the distal palmar crease. The procedure is usually a local procedure and early range of motion is begun immediately following surgery.
Trigger finger. /thumb occurs when the pulley at the base of the finger becomes too thick and constricting around the tendon, making it hard for the tendon to move freely through the pulley. Sometimes the tendon develops a nodule the increased resistance to the gliding of the tendon through the pulley, one may feel pain, popping, or a catching feeling in the finger or thumb. Surgery is to divide the pulley.
Trigger finger. release of the structures that are causing painful catching and locking of the tendons that flex the finger.