Can scabies affect fertility?

No. But are highly contagious and bothersome see your doctor to be sure it is scabies.
No. Scabies alone will not have an effect on fertility. It is smart to get a checkup for other sexually transmitted diseases as apart of testing.

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Can scabies and pubic lice affects fertility?

No. Not unless a partner wont come near you. Seriously, scabies and pubic lice do not have any effect on fertility. Read more...
No, not directly. public lice bite to draw blood and use hair to attach their eggs. They remain on the skin. Scabies live on skin and burrow in between the epidermis and the dermis which causes servers itching, even after treatment to kill these mites, the itch will continue for a couple of weeks. Now if your partner knows you have pubic lice, well that could cause infertility if there is no action. Read more...