I have dry skin on feet peeling (after running), any suggestions?

O'Keeffe's. O'keeffe's makes a product, besides working hands, specifically for dry, peeling feet. But make sure you change your socks all the time and wash and thoroughly clean the feet in some soap that will not promote drying.

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One of my foot has skins similiar to dry skin and is peeling away. There is also two redish nodes inside the skin near to the ark. Whats causing this?

Foot dermatitis. This could be either eczema or athlete's foot, a fungal infection of the skin. Please see your dermatologist, who can do a skin scraping, particularly of those reddish nodules, to look for fungal organisms in the skin. In order to see these fungal organisms it is important not to use any antifungal creams for 2 weeks prior to seeing your doctor as using the cream may interfere with findings.

Dry skin n peeling on hands n feet.

Dry peeling skin. There are a number of causes of dry peeling skin. You can use a cream like lachydrin (lactic acid) twice daily to improve the symptoms. I think 5% is otc while 12% is prescription. Fungal infection is one of the causes of scaling so if it is not resolved see your doctor.