How can I heal keloid from 2nd degree burn injury?

See a doctor. A true keloid needs to be dealt with by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Most OTC creams do not work well. Often steroids, pressure devices etc. are needed.
Can be difficult. Cocoa butter massage of the scar would be my first treatment. You probably have a hypertrophic scar and not a keloid and so it will respond to this. A true keloid "overflows" the boundaries of the original burn and usually occur in people with other keloids from other injuries. If cocoa butter massage (or Mederma) is not successful, try silicone gel sheeting worn over the scar 24/7. Good Luck!

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2nd degree burn on dorsum of hand healed with 2 keloid formations which are painful. However no contracture currently. How to remove pain n keloids?

See doctor for eval. Sometimes kenalog (triamcinolone) injections are helpful for keloids. However, depending on how extensive it is , or how wide or large it is, it may not be feasible, because usually repeated injections are needed. Plus, you have to keep sun off of it. So you need to have this evaluated, and even get second opinions from different doctors to get the best outcome. Read more...