Why is it that absorbable sutures (catgut) are not recommended for skin closure?

Not at surface. If that type of suture is used through surface of skin, can get local inflammatory response as dissolves (=bigger scar & unhappy patient). Also, usually braided, so lets bacteria/etc. into wound easily. If used UNDER the skin, then do not have to return for suture removal--OK if clean cut, but may not be ideal if at risk of infection, as provider doesn't see you/it again.
YerCatFeelBetterNow? They cause too much inflammation as they are slowly absorbed by the body and therefore are more prone to leaving their "footprints" behind.There actually is a synthetic rapidly absorbable suture that can be used for the skin. It's made of polyglactin 910 (we all know what that is, right?) and it's coated with something that makes it slide easily through tissue.Other absorbables just can't "cut" it.