Would removing mercury amalgam fillings cause greater risks than keeping them in?

Safe overall . Silver fillings with mercury have been around for over 150 years and are safe. NIH, the CDC and numerous universities have done long term studies and they all show that once set?these filling are beiegn., so don't worry. Advise would be to only replace the silver amalgams if they are failing. Good Luck!
Maybe. There is no scientific proof to show that silver mercury fillings are putting you at risk for mercury toxicity. Removing them may benefit you if you want tooth colored fillings but that is an esthetic issue. Doing un-necessary dental may cause more harm as some tooth structure will have to be removed for the new filling.
Mercury fillings. To date, with rare exception, there seems to be no danger to patients in placing, leaving them, or replacing them. So the bottom line is, not to be concerned and therefore whatever you do, do it for reasons other than fear of mercury in fillings. I have both amalgam fillings and composite fillings in my mouth and without any concern at all.
No Risk At All. Most research finds no relationship between fillings and symptoms of mercury poisoning or other side effects. Eventually, any cavity if not treated, can lead to pain, infection, root canal and even tooth loss. See your dentist for evaluation, x-rays and treatment.