Expert opinions? What kind of conditions involves excessive clotting of blood?

The thrombophilias. There are probably at least a hundred. They include mutant clotting factors, antibodies against components of the clotting cascade, and medication effects; more or less related are problems with excessively numerous platelets, vasculitis promoting clotting, and other vessel disease promoting clotting (atherosclerosis, for example), and blood that's too viscous (polycythemia, Waldenstrom).

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Expert opinions? What kind of conditions involve excessive clotting of blood?

Hypercoagulable stat. Blood clotting is like Goldilocks. You want it just right. Not enough clotting & you bleed. Too much clotting (hypercoagulable state or disorder) & you are at increase risk for strokes, heart attacks, venous thromboembolism & pulmonary embolism. Check out & Read more...