Any ideas why my big toe on my left foot feel like the joints grinding when I lift it?

Maybe it is. You may have a condition called hallux limitus where the joint range of motion is limited due to bony spurring or bone grinding on bone. Treatment may be a cheilectomy or shaving away of bone. If the damage to the joint is more severe options include a joint fusion, implant or resection of bone, see a foot doc and have xrays taken for evaluation.
Joint grinding. As described , this may be hallux limitus . An evaluation and x rays by your podiatrist are in order.

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Why does the big toe on my left foot feel like the joint's grinding when I lift it?

Grind. I will assume lift means to move it toward the top of the foot. The grind can be an indication of arthritis . See your podiatrist for an evaluation . Read more...