Please explain why is pneumonia not an interstitial lung disease?

Consider an analogy. Regular pneumonia would fill the rooms in a hotel. The interstitial pneumonia would infect the walls of the rooms. When examined under the microscope the difference is clearly different. The chest x-ray is also different.
Tissues involved. Interstitium is that area of the lung in between the blood vessels and the alveoli, more the connective tissue area. Pneumonia is an inflammation causing involvement of all tissues like the interstitial, the blood vessels and even the alveoli hence the whiteness seen or the infiltrate is dense and involves the whole area.

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What makes pneumonia not an interstitial lung disease?

They are different. A pneumonia is caused by an organism causing destruction of the lung tissue. Interstitial lung disease is inflammation of the lung and usually starts in the "interstitium" but later can involve other parts of the lung. But, one is felt to be an infection, while the other is more"immune" caused. The picture is of a pneumonia in the left of the picture (all the white area compared to the dark).

Is pneumonia a form of interstitial lung disease?

No. Bacterial pneumonia is not generally considered interstitial lung disease. However, some forms of interstitial lung disease are referred to as iip or idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. These diseases are not pneumonia in the classic sense. They are not thought to be infectious in etiology.
Pneumonia. Interstitial lung diseases are typically progressive processes that are not commonly associated with infection. They may ultimately be associated with fibrosis. That being said there are pneumonias that present with an, "interstitial pattern, " on chest x-ray. They are known as interstitial pneumonias. Interstitial pneumonia will not progress to diffuse fibrosis and are not considered ilds.
No. Pneumonia generally refers to infection of the lungs due to a bacteria, fungal or viral organisms. Ild is an ill understood disease, generally caused by inflammation.

Please suggest a homeo medicine for interstitial lung disease?

None. There is no evidence of any homeopathic medication effective for anything. There are a number of clinical trials available for those with ild and in some cases there is conventional treatment for some types of ild that are effective. For example some ild are very responsive to anti-inflammatory steroids. A person with an ild should seek help from their doctor.
Water. Homeopathic drugs contain no effective ingredients, so you may as well save your money and drink water. Effective treatment for ild varies by the cause. Ipf has no treatment.

What are the main symptoms of interstitial lung disease?

Low oxygen. Co2 diffuses faster than o2 and the early findings in interstitial lung diseases is dyspnea on exertion and proven by desaturation with exercise or even walking. The work up then starts from there. It could mimic pulmonary hypertension in manifestations.

What research is being done in interstitial lung disease?

ILD research. Interstitial lung disease is a general term for a group of disorders that affect the area of the lung that supports our alveoli - or air sacks. There are many causes some of which are described on wikipedia (http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/interstitial_lung_disease). You can find out what clinical trials are being done by searching this web site: http://clinicaltrials. Gov/.