Is sclerotherapy an efficient and long lasting - problem-free solution for varicose veins?

Not a miracle cure. Sclerotherapy can be a very good options for varicose veins but is not the "miracle cure" people would like it to be. There can also be some potential "problems" from sclerotherapy, including risks of skin pigmentation, trapped blood, or allergic reactions. Recurrence of new veins is always a possibility, so not always "long lasting". You will need ultrasound first. Phlebectomy also good option.
Not best for VV. Sclerotherapy is an excellent treatment for spider veins but it does require multiple treatment sessions and it is not permanent. Sclerotherapy will require periodic touch up treatments. Varicose veins are due to refluxing (leaking) valves of the saphenous system and the gold standard treatment for these veins is a duplex reflux ultrasound followed by valve closure and microphlebectomies.

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Is sclerotherapy an efficient and long-lasting, problem-free solution for varicose veins?

Yes it is. Depending. Sclerotherapy of veins in the leg is a very simple, office based procedure that involves the injection of a solution that "scleroses" or irritates the inside lining of the vein causing it to collapse. Veins aren't visible but the blood in them is so if the vein is sclerosed and has no blood in it, then it isn't visible. The needle is tiny and it hardly hurts. See a vascular surgeon!
Nothing is permanent. Sclerotherapy will certainly make the veins that are treated go away. The chance that those same veins will come back is only about 2%. Although they don't regenerate, that doesn't mean that you'll never get another bad vein as long as you live. You get abnormal veins because of your heredity and that you can't change. Regardless, periodic touch up treatment is the way to go.
Yes effective. Yes, sclerotherapy is effective. If your varicose veins are related to reflux then rf ablation of the greater saphenous is a good option. Other options include stab phlebectomy.
Veins. This is for treatment of spider veins These are usually hormonal so it's likely new ones will develop in future However sclerotherapy is a great option.