Please let me know if there is a cure for sickle cell anemia?

Yes, transplant. A bone marrow transplant can be cure. There are many medical and personal factors that go into the decision making process about whether a transplant would be a good option for a patient with sickle cell disease. Most patients do not receive transplant because of the risk of death from the procedure. This risk is improving all the time, so transplants may become more common in the near future.

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Is there a cure for sickle cell anemia?

So far only one. At present the only cure for sickle cell disease is a bone marrow transplant. This is being done with greater frequency, and many pediatric transplant centers are participating in a trial with this. The biggest limitation to this is the availability of suitable bone marrow donors. Brothers or sisters are best, but they must be a match and have no more than sickle trait.

Help please! Is gene therapy a permanent cure for sickle cell anemia?

In theory yes. As sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease, correction of the gene defect by stem cell transplantation or gene therapy would theoretically correct the genetic defect. Gene therapy is experimental at this time. Stem cell transplantation is more common, but is limited by the availability of suitable tissue matched donors. In either case, correction of the genetic defect will not fix prior strokes.
Maybe. Gene therapy could be a permanent cure for sickle cell anemia, but this is still an experimental trial and the success depends largely on the number of stem cells that are gene corrected to make normal hemoglobin. At this point, the only curative therapy for scd is bone marrow transplant.

What is being done to cure sickle cell anemia?

No cure. There is no cure for sickle cell anemia but you can have treatment for pain crisis, anemia off and on as needed.

Are there cures to cancer, diabetes, aids, and sickle cell anemia outside of the FDA?

"Cures" non FDA. If there were we would have all heard about them and they would be widely published. So that I am aware of. I recommend going to Uptodate, the online medical text book I use and review for yourself. I never bet my patient's life on things not approved by FDA.
No. We rely the FDA to help keep out the "snake oil" cures offered by those who would otherwise prey on the desperate public. Somewhat like the testing lab for your toaster, whose approval assures you that you won't get electrocuted or burn your house down if you use it. The folks that complain the FDA is keeping cures from you are usually ready to sell you something. BEWARE.

Is there a cure for my sickle cell anemia ss? My doc said there is one bone merrow transplnt will it work true or not?

Donor transplant. Donor bone marrow transplantation from a related donor (usually sibling) or an unrelated donor can be often successfully carried out in healthy patients with sickle cell anemia. A cord blood transplant can be used if regular donors are not available. Useful website is www. Marrow. Org.
Yes. Bone marrow transplant can cure sickle cell disease. Patient's bone marrow is "emptied" using chemotherapy and then donor bone marrow is infused iv. Donor is preferrably a fully tissue (hla) matched sibling (may have sickle cell trait). If not available an unrelated donor can be found searching donor registries. The procedure requires about 4-6 weeks of hospitalization.

Help plz! Can sickle cell anemia be cured with gene therapy?

Not as far I know. This may be the future. But as of right now, I am not aware of gene therapy for sickle cell disease. The only cure for it at the moment is bone marrow transplant.

How does gene therapy be used to cure someone with sickle cell anemia?

Replace gene. Gene therapy could be used to transfer a new replacement normal gene to cells producing red blood cells. That is how gene therapy would work however there are no approved gene therapy treatments for sickle cell anemia.

My daughter has sickle cell anemia we tested for bone marrow transplant no matches is there anything else that might cure my daughter?

Bone Marrow transpl. Ask your church community to host a blood drive and encourage people to be swabbed for the bone marrow transplant data base. Cure of ss is only by marrow transplant. If more people are in the registry, you may find a match.
I agree. I agree with Dr. Keimowitz's response. In order to expand the Bone Marrow Donor pool for you, you need to host a donor drive which you can do in your community.

Please tell me the cause of sickle cell anemia?

Stiffened hemoglobin. There is a genetic change that causes an abnormal hemoglobin. This abnormal hemoglobin becomes stiff in certain circumstances, causing the red blood cell to sickle. This causes many symptoms, including anemia, pain, and many other symptoms.
Gene defect. Years ago a mutation in a gene (set of instructions) used to form hemoglobin appeared. A single gene of a pair conferred some resistance to malaria, a germ that invades red cells. With a normal gene paired with the defect, they were able to live normally. If 2 defective genes appear in a person, their red cells are stiff & breakdown quickly (anemia) & are unable to get easily through capillaries.