Can you tell me about jaw wired shut?

Surgical procedure. Having the jaws wired is a surgical procedure that can be performed via a number of different techniques. A bar and/or wires can be attached to the teeth in each jaw and additional wires or elastic bands can be used to hold the teeth together. Another technique is to use special screws placed in each jaw with wires or elastic band connecting the screws. Another way is use suspension wires.

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Can you tell me about jaw wired shut because oy surgery?

Various reasons. Having your teeth wired together is common in order to treat many types of jaw fractures. The length of time is variable depending on the type of fracture and your age and if any plates and screws were used to repair the injury. Many fractures these days can be treated with just plates and you would only need the jaws wired during surgery to make sure your teeth line up correctly. Read more...