Will getting surgery to treat dupuytrens contracture disease really help out or not?

Dupuytrens treatment. Whether it is surgery or collegians injection or aopneurotomy is designed to lessen a contracture of the finger. This is how it "helps" Many who have so called mild disease and even sone who have significant contracture do not have pain, or huge dysfunction for many tasks. So a lot depends upon whether one feels the contracture is limiting. It is important to understand the risks v benefits.
Yes, but no cure. I believe that minimally invasive treatments for Dup should be tried first. NA and Xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) are fantastic ways to treat the contracture without the long recovery of open fasciectomy.
Yes. Indications for surgery are related to degree of contracture based on the potential for long term loss of motion if not addressed. Flexion contracture greater than 20 degrees at the mp joint or any contracture involving the pip joint are indications for surgery. Surgery eliminates contracture allowing range of motion of joints but does not guarantee possible recurrence in other fascial chords.